Challenge the First

Describe a beautiful woman without explicitly saying she is “beautiful” (or using some synonym thereof).

Response the First…

“It was as if the great Sirius had been humbled to a small human form retaining all the intricate complexities of the brilliant giant in the sky. She was blue, and she was bright. Those who dared glance found themselves quickly turning away. But soon they were torn by an innate longing to stay in her fiery warmth for however many eternities God had within his divine plan. And when she flickered, her movement proclaimed the silent details a simple man could find no words to express, but still made attempt in every ballad of love ever written.

Each man who encountered her took a long peaceful walk down a narrow dirt road in a deep and silent hour of the night. And knowing he was part of the nature around him, he looked up into the vast night sky, saw her raised above him, and realized three things: He was small. He was terribly alone. And he was made for the stars.”


Response the Second…

“As Winter strikes a defenseless forest, so did misfortune befall her. And yet trees, though stripped of color and robbed of nourishment, are unaffected, nay, strengthened by such hardship. For in the heart of Winter’s sorrow shines the grace of spring, and yet with a certain permanence otherwise unseen. So too was it with the woman. The tempest about her, try as it would, succeeded only to impart the very endurance it sought to steal. In this state, none posed her equal, as too Winter’s forest is unmatched, even by Spring itself, and stirs the fairest of passions within.”


Response the Third…

“Right before evening, when the sun hangs heavy in the sky and sends forth its most brilliant rays; thus was her smile. The golden light that distorts and enhances every hue of the flowers and fields it shines on, so were her eyes. Unlike Earth’s closest star that discriminates and does not send its rays to the shadows, her sunshine reached all. The forests and hills, mountains and clouds; they could not stop her warmth from reaching others. Friend and stranger. Loved one and outcast. She shined her light, brilliant and warm and nourishing, on all she saw.”



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