Poem: The Hole

A boy went out
And made himself a dime
And that coin made one friend
For each minute of time

That the boy would have
Which was 76 years
And that makes 4 million dollars
And about five million tears

Then with all his money
Strapped to his back
He traveled sex and drugs
And found the Well of Lack

Because there was a hole
Begging to be filled
Thank God he had money
For what the driller had drilled

So he tossed it all in
And it fell out of sight
For the hole never ended
It remained black as night

He did not understand
That he should have leapt in
For the hole was God’s hole
And the drill was his sin

He went back to the vice
And he scorned the Good Tome
And he called life chaos
Because he’d never found home

The real tragedy is this
If he’d filled the hole in Christ’s side
God Himself would have smiled
And the boy wouldn’t have died


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