Our Mission

Our name, True Fictions, reveals our mission.

All the best writing is non-fiction, or at least didactic, in some sense of the word. A story may not be true in the details, but it should always be true in the message. Just like the essay writers, novelists are saying something too! Even Oscar Wilde was arguing for aestheticism itself, using his writing to make points about beauty and value. The only difference between the novelists and the essayists is that a novelist’s work appeals not only to the human intellect, but also to the human experience.

In other words. The essay is written with the brain as audience. The novel is written with the brain and soul and emotions and senses as audience. The essay says, this is true because reason demands it. The novel says, this is true because reason demands it and experience does as well.

That is why we love fiction so much: because so many people today are trapped in a scientific box. They dare to question many metaphysical realities that are so glaringly obvious to experience. Free will, objective morality, objective beauty, evil, the value of life, the worth of love, and the reality of God (just to name a few). These things are not contradicted by science, but they exist beyond its reach.

Young Americans have lost their imaginations and their understanding of the world as a spiritual place. They believe life is meaningless and love is chemical. Fiction fights this best, and its pretty damn fun along the way.

It is our hope that you’ll join us, or at very least enjoy us. So sit down, kick back, light your pipe, and talk about something real.

Dedicated to the memory of J.R.R. Tolkien and Ernest Miller Hemingway